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What is Shopmobility?

Chorley & South Ribble Shopmobility is a charitable organisation

established to Improve  the day  to day life of members of the community who  have difficulty with mobility, by allowing them to regain a small amount of Independence using an assortment of mobility vehicles. There are many reasons for this lack of mobility; it may be through illness, temporary  injury or as a member of our growing elderly population and our aim is to cater for all needs where possible.


In order to carry out tasks, we have equipped ourselves with a number of scooters and manual wheelchairs, which we loan on a daily basis to members of the public who have become registered members of our scheme as part of our service, we can also provide associated wet-weather clothing such as scooter capes and capes for manual wheelchairs, as well as woolen blankets. Manual wheelchairs come complete with cushions and holdalls.  Users with lower limb problems can have their chair fitted with cast supports or elevating leg supports.


Membership of the scheme is free on the completion of a simple registration form new members are given a small user card which holds a personal user number. Members are advised to book in advance, giving a minimum of twenty four hours notice. This allows us to plan our daily allocation of equipment and avoids disappointment. 

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